We’re back!

We are now back processing orders again after what has been, quite frankly, the busiest, and most hectic 2 weeks since we have been selling novelty ID (and we have been selling since 2014). However, things are now back to normal and the turnaround time is 7 days for full upfront paying customers for priority, 14 days for full upfront paying customers paying for normal order and 21 days for those customers paying with the £10.00 deposit ans paying balance once receiving templates.

New ID’s are coming to 1stclassfakes. We will be phasing them in one by one over the following few weeks. Mostly, they will be novelty driving licences but there are a few national ID cards coming as well. Apart from that bombshell, there isn’t really anything else going on.


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      Admin says:

      Hi Jimmy, No we only put that on our ID’s prior to full payment and at present we are extremely busy so I would advise to order soon if you require it for over Christmas.


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