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You agree that you have read this notice, and the terms and conditions in their entirety and you agree to the conditions of sale and use described herein. You agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions. You acknowledge that any representation made or given 1stclassfakes.com is only in for entertainment purposes. You understand that all images, depictions and dramatizations are for entertainment and reference viewing purposes only and that they are not intended to be representations or warrantees pertaining to the actual product and services provided herein. All images offered by 1stclassfakes.com are not be used, transferred or reproduced without express written authorization from 1stclassfakes.com or their authorized agent. You have relied upon your own skill and judgment in reviewing, ordering, and/or acquiring any above novelty products from 1stclassfakes.com, and you have not relied on any representations, statements or material received or obtained from 1stclassfakes.com prior to use or acquisition of any service or product from this site. You further understand 1stclassfakes.com reserves the right to cancel your order and at any time without prior written notice, or to make changes to the actual order produced at the sole discretion of 1stclassfakes.com. The issuing agent reserves the right to apply a surcharge equivalent to one half the purchasing cost if production has been started and then terminated as to your request then you agree to pay a surcharge fee not less than one half of your order or purchasing cost. If the services have been completely rendered and you are awaiting shipment then you agree that the only refund that can be offered is a return or refund of shipping cost. As well, I understand and agree that shipping options can be changed at the sole discretion of 1stclassfakes.com without prior written notice.

You agree 1stclassfakes.com products are custom made and can not be resold. You understand that the guarantee or return policy applies only to changes or exchanges, which may or may not be permitted, at the sole discretion of 1stclassfakes.com. You agree that no refund of payment(s) will be made after the product has been produced. Further more, I understand that the payment process is through a independent company, and that 1stclassfakes.com has no control over the payment process. Any dispute in regards to payment is between the customer, and the payment-processing agency. The issuing agent will not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of misuse of products or services. You agree to be fully responsible for your use of these products and for protecting 1stclassfakes.com from the misuse of these products. 1stclassfakes.com reserves the right, but is not obligated to, refuse service and/or substitute, change or modify any products or services, without prior notice, for any reason, including but not limited to changes made to requests for material that are no longer produced, available or in stock, including but not limited to the substitution of any name or publicly accredited institution. You understand all orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. You acknowledge that full, upfront paying customers will always have priority over deposit paying customers. By continuing this order process you have read and agreed to the statement above. As well, you agreed to our terms and conditions prior to access or use of our site and services. You are purchasing these novelty items strictly for entertainment only.


  • Please note bitcoin payment providers are nothing to do with 1stclassfakes, when purchasing please make sure you use a reputable bitcoin provider, we suggest localbitcoins.com 
  • Please email  us for your unique bitcoin address and remember bitcoin addresses are only valid for 2/3 hours,if you send money to a bitcoin address after the 2-3 hour time limit you run the risk of losing your money.
  • When purchasing bitcoins before ordering please purchase a few pounds more than required to ensure you have enough bitcoins to send but please send the exact amount immediately once your online or e=mail order has been sent (bitcoin providers charge fees)
  • Once you have ordered, digital templates will be sent for you to approve, payment needs to be made within 24 hours otherwise deposit orders will be cancelled and you will lose your deposit, any amendments will be done after payment is made.
  • Due to data protection, please use the e-mail on your order form as any correspondence from any other e-mail will be ignored.
  • Postage is as follows free for UK, £10 overseas and Priority shipping is an extra £30.00 (we suggest you order by e-mail so we can send you the exact bitcoin amount including priority after your digital templates have been made) if priority hasn’t been paid for you will be in a queuing system and have to wait.
  • URGENT!!!!!! Why is my order taking so long? – have you sent us your order number? have you ordered by e-mail and sent 3 different e-mails with info on it? are you using a different e-mail to the one you put on your order form? have you clicked on your secure link to make sure your photo is uploaded? (If you have done this please send your photo and signature as an attachment to our e-mail address immediately for us to rectify) all these things place you at the beginning of que and delay your order as printing need 1 e-mail with ALL correct info on it not several, otherwise they cannot proceed with your order, failure to do this will result in you waiting longer than necessary for your ID.

Please note unless you pay for tracked, we cannot guarantee specific delivery time.