We only accept Bitcoins for payment, which is very easy to use.

Prices are as follows: £50/£60 or £80 and you chose from following;

  • £10 deposit + £50 balance – takes approx 14-21 days
  • £50 full payment – takes 14 days
  • £50 full payment + £30 express shipping (Extra £30 priority is paid by bitcoin once templates sent) – 48 hours your ID will be printed and shipped.
  • If you require International Shipping there is a £10 surcharge.

Open account with www.localbitcoins.com

Send bank transfer to a GBP Seller

They will send bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet in localbitcoins.com

You then send them to us using our bitcoin address when ordering online.

Payment is then received by us, we confirm and complete your order.

If you are still having problems we are always happy to help. Please contact us via the contact form on our home page or our email address: