If you would like to place an order, you will need to buy Bitcoins first, Bitcoin providers are not part of 1stclassfakes so please ensure you use a reputable provider.


Contrary to popular belief, purchasing Bitcoins is very easy. Bitcoins can be obtained by using your credit/debit card or via online bank transfer. We strongly suggest you buy Bitcoin from the following websites: www.localbitcoins.com or www.bittylicious.com If you are based in the USA then we recommend you use www.circle.com Only buy from these websites as they are well known and completely trustworthy. If you are a newbie with Bitcoin then we suggest you read the links below:

If you want to use localbitcoins.com please use link below:


Also see youtube tutorial for localbitcoins below:

If you want to use bittylicious.com please use link below:


Also see youtube tutorial for bittylicious below:

We do not accept any other payment method. All payments are to be made with Bitcoin only, no exceptions.


Please email  us for your unique bitcoin address and remember bitcoin addresses are only valid for 2/3 hours, if you send money to a bitcoin address after the 2-3 hour time limit you run the risk of losing your money.