Fake UK Driving Licence

The novelty, new style, UK driving licence from the 1stClassFakes team. A high definition masterpiece that will have your friends totally fooled! Our new style novelty UK driving licence contains a steering wheel motif hologram which is printed directly on the front of the card. We do not use cheap overlay stickers from China, which are prone to tiny air bubbles that make the ID card look and feel very different to the real version. Once the card has been printed, we finish the process by printing UV security to both the front & rear of the card, which is only identified by using a UV blacklight. We use matching DVLA fonts and generate the driver number using the exact same algorithm as the per the original.


We can customise your card completely, with things like custom driver number, full range of categories (all if you want) , your own photo and signature, etc. Our novelty UK driving licence is without doubt the best and most realistic fake ID on the market.

Price per card: £75.00 + Free worldwide shipping.

You can choose to pay all upfront or pay an initial, small £10.00 deposit . If you choose the deposit option, we will send you a video of your card with holograms and UV under a blacklight. Once the video has been received, you then pay the remaining £65.00 balance. We are the only novelty ID vendor that offers this service.



Send us an email with the title “ORDER REQUEST“. In that email, you will need to send us the following information which will be printed to your card:

Name & address
Custom driver number (if needed)
Any additional categories (if needed)

Once we receive your order request, we will send you a confirmation email along with a Bitcoin payment invoice.

Send your email to us at: 1cf@vistomail.com