At long last, we have now implemented a fully automated ordering system. To place an order, simply navigate to our “Products” page, and then choose the ID of your choice. Make sure you have credited your Bitcoin wallet before ordering, as you will be transferred over to our Bitcoin payment processor once you reach the end of the checkout stage.

We are pleased to announce a brand new range of novelty ID’s here at 1stClassFakes. Check out our new products page to see our latest range of novelty cards. We will be slowly introducing more over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for further additions to our card range. We will be adding photos of our new cards to the website in the coming days. As for our ordering status, at the moment, we are moderately busy. Turnaround time for deposit paying customers is 3-4 days. For those customers paying upfront, the turnaround time is currently 48 hours.

We’re back!

We are now back processing orders again after what has been, quite frankly, the busiest, and most hectic 2 weeks since we have been selling novelty ID (and we have been selling since 2014). However, things are now back to normal and the turnaround time is 48 hours for full, upfront paying customers and 3-4 days for those customers paying with the £10.00 deposit.

New ID’s are coming to 1stclassfakes. We will be phasing them in one by one over the following few weeks. Mostly, they will be novelty driving licences but there are a few national ID cards coming as well. Apart from that bombshell, there isn’t really anything else going on.


Fake Romania Driving Licence

We are happy to announce that a range of new novelty ID’s are coming to 1stclassfakes. One such card (among others) will be the new style Romania driving licence, as seen here. Superb premium quality novelty ID. Don’t let the rock bottom price of these cards fool you. Each card is printed direct to PVC with top of the range ID card printers. Matching fonts, holograms and UV security. Super high quality with attention to detail. No one can match the quality of our fake ID. Cheapest novelty ID anywhere online. Samples with be added to our gallery shortly.

Try Before Buy

Fake United Kingdom Driving LicenceWe offer our customers the choice between paying the full amount in one single payment of £50.00 or by paying a small £10.00 deposit, with the rest of the balance payable after we send you a video of your completed ID.

If you are paying the £10.00 deposit there are a couple of things you should know. The first thing is that deposit paying customers will be paying the total amount of £60.00 for their ID. So after we send you the completion video, you would then have to pay the outstanding balance of £50.00. Why did we do this? We believe this is more than fair. When you consider we have to go through the trouble of making the said video and then editing with our watermark, etc. It takes up our time and time is a rare commodity here at 1stclassfakes. We are receiving several orders and emails every single day. Essentially, we are charging you ten Pounds for this service. That is not a bad price and to be fair, we could be charging way more for this, but we are not greedy.

We are literally the only novelty ID vendor out there that will actually make you a video of your ID before sending us full payment. In that video, you will see your personalised ID with full working security features. We will also illuminate your ID with a blacklight so you can see the UV security print on both sides of the card.

We welcome you to try another so called fake ID vendor who will actually show you a video of your ID once printed. They will not be able to show you a video because they are scammers. Please go ahead and ask them. Also, be careful of vendors that will show you a photo of your completed ID. Photos are extremely easy to manipulate in Photoshop. Only accept a video, nothing else. Get them to show you the UV printing as well. If they can send you photos, they should be able to show you a quick video to back it up. A video cannot be manipulated like still photos can. Watch out for their typical excuses like, oh our video is not working, we are to busy to make videos, we can’t show you the UV printing because our torch has ran out of batteries, blah blah bullshit. If they cannot send you a video..DON’T PAY THEM!