Awesome Fake ID

We stand behind our fake ID’s 100%. Holograms and UV security included. Excellent novelty cards.  If you are not fully satisfied with your order, we will resolve any problem, with minimum fuss.


Orders ship out within 48 hours. For example, if you order Monday, you will receive Wednesday (UK only). Non UK orders are still shipped in 48 hours but obviously it will take a few more days to reach you.


Start your order today with a £10.00 deposit. Once your card has been printed, we will send you a video of your completed card (front & back) with holograms & UV security. You then pay the remaining balance.


Formed in 2014, we are Our aim is to provide our customers with excellent, professional quality, novelty ID cards, at extremely low prices.  We have our very own in-house design team that put together some of the finest driving licence and ID card templates on the market today. There is not one ID vendor anywhere, that can match our quality and extremely affordable prices. Each card comes with holograms & UV security as standard. We use state of the art, professional, printing machines, and we print direct to PVC card. We print in high definition at 600dpi, so you can be sure of a vibrant, crisp finish, to your fake ID.

Unlike any other novelty ID seller online, we will actually make your order first and then take payment after we send you a video of your completed order. In the video, you will be able to see your card (front and back) with all of your details added. Also, added to your card, you will also see the steering wheel hologram overlay and invisible UV security. We will illuminate your card with a UV blacklight torch, so you can actually see the UV security patterns are printed to both the front and back of your ID. Start your order today with a small £10.00 deposit.


Here is a small selection of our work.

  • Holograms & UV markings.
  • Matching DVLA fonts.
  • Exact replica of the original UK driving licence.
  • Printed to high quality PVC card for a durable, realistic feel.
  • High 600 DPI printing for a crisp, colourful finish.
  • High quality, low price.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast worldwide shipping


How much for a fake ID?

For customers paying the full amount upfront, the price per card is £50.00.

For customers paying with the £10.00 deposit, the total price per card is £60.00.

See our website for more information.

How do I pay for my order?

We only accept Bitcoin. We do not take any other payment than Bitcoin at all times.

How do I know you won’t scam me?

You can pay a £10.00 deposit with the rest of payment after we have sent you a video of your completed order. In the video, we will show you the card itself complete with holograms and UV security. No other novelty ID vendors offer this service, mostly because they are scammers.

How long does it take to ship out my order?

Your order will be printed and shipped out within 48 hours.

Do you ship outside of UK?

We ship orders worldwide and the shipping is free.

Do your cards have security features?

Yes they do. All of our cards feature holograms and invisible UV printing . The UV printing is invisible until illuminated with a blacklight (UV light).

What payment methods do you accept

All orders are to be paid with Bitcoin only, no exceptions. Please do not ask us for any other payment options. You can easily buy Bitcoin with a credit/debit card or online bank transfer in minutes. You can read a full, step by step Bitcoin buyers guide below:

Step by step Bitcoin guide –

Step by step Bitcoin Guide –

The two most reliable and trusted sellers of Bitcoin are: Bittylicious and Local Bitcoins

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